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SyncCube Studio Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are the centre of blockchain based applications. Our team has experience creating high quality, secure & gas efficient contracts to help your project succeed.

We offer both smart contract development & smart contract audit reports.

SyncCube Studio Smart Contract Development

Web Development

Your website is the first place a prospective client will look. Making a good first impression matters. Our team of experienced developers can help you build the perfect first impression.

We offer both decentralized applications (dApps) & standard business websites.

SyncCube Studio Smart Contract Development

Bot Development

Bots help your community stay informed and connected across a multiple platforms. We have experience building bots to help you grow & manage your community.

We currently offer Discord, Twitter & Telegram bots.

SyncCube Studio What we can do for you

What we can do for you

Custom development solutions

Development is never a one size fits all service. Building something innovative takes expertise, planning and hard work. SyncCube Studio has a team of developers that can help your project or business turn your ideas into reality through our custom development service.

We offer consultation and custom development services.

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Our Team

Samuel 'Texoid' Young

Founder & Developer

Sam is an experienced developer and the founder of SyncCube Studio. Sam currently manages all operations at SyncCube Studio.

SyncCube Products

Our Projects

At SyncCube Studio, we recognize that sometimes custom development isn't right fit for your project. That's why we're building a series of tools and resources to give you power of a development team, but the flexibility to do things your way.

We are always working to expand our suite of tools. Check out our current products below.

SyncCube Studio Project


Discord bot

Proof of Doing

Proof of Doing if a unique platform concept that helps teams build high quality products & keep their community up to date on the latest development taking place within a project. With Proof of Doing, your team can easily create and share updates that provide a glimpse into what their working on behind the scenes, fully manageable through your teams Discord guild.

SyncCube Studio Project

Discord Bot

Nfty Rewards

NftyRewards is a unique NFT listing & sales bot that allows projects to track and post sales & listings in real-time & rewards traders for simply buying, selling & holding NFTs from any contract(s).

SyncCube Studio Project

Discord Bot

Ticket Sync

TicketSync is simple private thread based ticket management bot that allows your server members to get in contact with your server support staff privately.

SyncCube Studio Project


Wallet Snapshot Tool

Wallet Snapshot Tool is a simple website that allows collections to easily get a list of all current holders at any given block. The platform supports both ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts on both Ethereum and Polygon.

SyncCube Studio Project


NFT Explorer

The NFT Explorer resource allows any project to create their own collection explorer & rarity rankings on their projects website. To check out the resource, head into the SyncCube Studio Discord & reach out to a member of the team.

Need custom development?

If you want to discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life, reach out to us on Twitter or Discord